Anonymous: What should I buy for my college style !!?

Depends where you’re going to school! For me I’m going I to 100°+ with humidity so I’m bringing lots of shorts, tank tops, and loose clothes!! Bring what’s comfortable to you and don’t try to change for college

chiefsalott: Hey! I'm Jeremy! I don't send a lot of messages on here! but I must say I love your profile! and honestly would love to have seen what you have seen already. I can't wait to travel and see the world! anyways keep up taking photos! I want to pick up taking more photos. You are very beautiful by the way! You could go everyday with out make up and no one would complain! Have you been to New Zealand yet?

Ah thank you you’re so sweet!!! I’ve yet to go to New Zealand yet but it’s very high up on my list of places to go next

Anonymous: Hi! I was wondering what u r planning on majoring in college? ur style is amazing what stores do U mainly shop at!! And can u ask lauren to respond to her questions I asked her a few things and would really like to know her answer

I’m thinking finance & fashion!! Thanks and ah I shop all over to be honest like little boutiques but urban, LF, American apparel, etc! And lol this isn’t Lauren’s page

Anonymous: He did a shitty thing to lauren though and you're her friend so I thought you wouldn't like someone like that

I don’t like how he treated one of my best friends but all times I was with him he was polite

Anonymous: Do you think Austin Armer is an asshole?

All the times I’ve been with him he’s been really nice to me so no I don’t think he is

travelsofabeardedguy: I would love to shoot you some time, if you'd be interested in just takin some random photos some time!

Yes let’s!!

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