travelsofabeardedguy: Love your page, and your face! You ever model?

Not really but id love to!!

Anonymous: where all have you lived before

I’ve lived a few places in Southern California

Anonymous: Are you going to SMU in Dallas? If so I live in Dallas and it's amazing! I wish you the best if luck:)

Yes that’s it!! Thank you so much I’m so excited :)

Anonymous: congratulations on SMU!! what made you want to go there compared to other schools?

It had everything I wanted whereas others didn’t have all the things I would like in a school

Anonymous: is that your natural hair color? it's beaut

Yes it is, thank you xx

Anonymous: What dorm are you in at smu?

Morrison McGuiness

Anonymous: What's your everyday makeup routine ? X

It depends if I’m not going anywhere important just concealer, mascara and I’ll fill in my eyebrows a little. Otherwise - foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows and lipstick to finish it off! Also I wear sunscreen on my face everyday :)

Anonymous: Do you have a tattoo, if so of what?

I don’t!!

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